Some Top Tips from Foreign Residents about Living in Moraira, Spain

Whilst there may be numerous areas and cities in Spain which are a top draw for tourists who eventually become residents, there’s nothing quite comparable to the charm of a place like Moraira. Throughout the years, Moraira has attracted more and more foreign residents who want everything that this little place in Spain can offer, from its fantastic beaches to its restaurants serving the most delectable Spanish food to the slow-paced lifestyle that’s perfect for those who want to enjoy every moment life has to offer. But before you move to Moraira, there are some things you should know first. Here are some top tips from foreign residents about living in Moraira, Spain.

Basic information about Moraira

Moraira is a small village located in the north Costa Blanca. In the past, Moraira was a sleepy fishing village, and this gives it its quaint and colourful charm today. The place can become quite lively and busy during the summer months, but it is a quiet, tranquil place during the winter season. The beaches are, of course, astounding, including the sublime El Portet, the central and popular L’Ampolla, then Platgetes down the coast and finally L’Andrago. Moraira village centre is also very accessible, and well-maintained, and its marina is interesting and edged by with multiple shopping, dining, and entertainment spots.

One interesting fact about Moraira is that it has plenty of expatriates and foreign residents, especially British individuals looking for a warmer and friendlier climate. The other foreign visitors who flock to Moraira include Belgian, French, Scandinavian and Dutch nationals: it has a very international feel.

What sets Moraira apart

Based on what foreign residents in Moraira have said, one thing that sets Moraira apart from other towns in Spain is its exotic atmosphere combined with its still ‘familiar’ feel to foreign residents. Even though Moraira has a different culture and climate, it also has the feeling of towns in northern and western Europe, and it has a diverse population as well.

Where to go and what to do in Moraira

Moraira has a lot of restaurants, hotels, and inns, although many residents would say that one of the best places to eat in town would be Ca Pepe, which reputedly offers an exceptional, modern, yet affordable dining experience. For an authentic Spanish experience, El Racó del Arroz is one of the oldest established, and best rice restaurants in town. Another favourite hangout amongst foreign and local residents alike is Bar Enzo, a cosmopolitan bar restaurant with a superb range of exotic cocktails and a modern take on tapas.

A must-see event in Moraira is the festival of Moors and Christians, which is held in June, and the festival is participated in not just by the local residents but the foreign residents as well.

Moraira has plenty to offer, not just along the coast, but also inland. There are many properties and reasonably-priced villas for sale in Moraira, each with its own unique features and amenities, along with great views, whether of distant mountains, bosky hillsides, or of the Mediterranean sea.

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