Best Koehring Replacement Parts For Cranes

Koehring replacement parts are available for the customer’s requirement in case of an emergency condition. Let’s see if the pulley wheel is constructed from cast steel with accurately grooved machines supporting wire rope. To know more about crane replacement parts, read on:

Elevated gearboxes:

The gearbox are another Koehring replacement parts constructed from MS fabricated plates. The case around it is thermally stressed free after the welding and perfectly machined on a horizontal boring machine. Circled forged steel of En19/En9/ cast steel material is used for building helical gears and pinion as per the design requirement. Due to the oil quenched tempered and gears, it is easy to accomplish the hard and toughness and surface trappings. The shafts are braced on roller bearings and antifriction balls. Also, the pinions and gears are splash lubricators.

CT gearboxes:

The CT gearboxes are constructed with the same feature as elevated gearboxes, but the only difference in CT is they offer inverted T split in housing. The output shaft can be altered on both sides if so acquired. Some of the other gearboxes are splash lubricators, whereas; in three stages vertical gearbox, the vertical gearbox lubrication arrangement is forcefully offered through hoses and pumps.

Brake drums:

Brake drums are constructed from a cast wheel or roller bar that is entirely machined to reduce the vibration or eliminate it. Brake drums are intensely balanced after being machined when acquired by the customer. The drum surface is treated to accomplish high hardness and extendable life.

Wheel assembly:

L type bearing blocks are supported to the wheels, composed of cast/forged steel, and accurately machined. To achieve a hardness of 250-300 BHN with the capacity hardening of 450-500 BHN and with induction hardening as per the customer’s requirement though it is heated suitably. As per the needs of the customer, antifriction bearing and bushing bearing are also supplied.

Enclosed Festoon cable system:

It is a compact cable system held with a GI track, and the system is lightweight to handle, and there is no need for any support against girder diaphragms. This system is efficiently constructed for single-core cables known as platform cables. It can be placed at the crane girder level because the cable’s compact nature suggests the better hook approach. The system can be put together very quickly because of its modular design.

Obscured bus bar:

Insulated bus bars are modular in building and compact in size. They are available from 60-1250 Amperes ratings. Spring-loaded current collectors assure positive contact with the existing circulating surface. GI, Copper, Aluminum, and stainless steel are the material conductors that are available. Bus bars with extension joints, also hospital covers are perfectly acceptable for the curved track. And this can be available quickly.


There is also the availability of other spare parts, including Brake shoe and lining, Induction motors, Pendant push-button station, Electro-hydraulic thruster brakes, and AC DC brakes, Brake armature, Geared and Pin Bush couplings, Brake coil, Foot and flange motors, etc. These are the spare parts that can be available extensively.