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Mitchell Historic Properties: Offers the Best Spaces for Leasing in Galveston, Texas

Looking for a residential or a commercial space where you can conduct your business? Mitchell Historic Properties can help you out. The company is based in Galveston, Texas, they offer a variety of commercial spaces, residential houses, or condos, and even event spaces. It is a private company owned by the Mitchell Family Corporation, their own variety of historic properties and real estate around Galveston. If you’re interested, you can check Galveston Historic Property Leasing for more residential, commercial and event spaces available.

The Location: Galveston

It is located in Texas, United States. It is known for its historical attractions and beautiful picture-perfect views. It became a major commercial center in the United States and is considered as one of the biggest port in the country. It just happens that a hurricane destroyed the island, however, Galveston rose and continued renovating most of its Victorian-era-themed infrastructures, making the place outstanding and beautiful. It is known for its variety of historic and classic tourist spots. It has a variety of classic lodging inns, vintage restaurants, historic residential houses, and many vintage types of places.

Galveston has beautiful beaches and great vintage hotels such as, the Ashton Villa, Bishop’s Palace and Moody Mansion. One of the great sites is the Grand 1894 Opera House, The Texas Seaport Museum, and Tall Ship Elissa. With all of these tourist attractions, it is considered one of the best place to live.

Leasing Options in Mitchell Historic Properties

Mitchell Historic Properties offers an array of properties perfect to stay, build business, and as for events. In residential leasing, they offer historic lofts and apartments. Each unit has its own exceptional characteristics that preserved its historic premises; pets and smoking within the vicinity are strictly prohibited. Almost all the units were made in the 1870’s and they offer a nice architecture along with a vintage ambiance.

If you’re thinking of having an office, or a store in Galveston, they can offer commercial spaces. Each space is suitable for professional offices, as well as, coffee shops, or even for health-related clinics. Even though they are prehistoric and old, the company assures that each part is well maintained and restored while maintaining the classic and vintage look of the building. It is the best business place because you can attract more customers; this is because of its classic look.

Aside from residential and commercial spaces, Mitchell Historic Properties offers various event places for special gatherings such as birthdays, weddings, and for a reunion celebration. It has a touch of classic and vintage ambiance where your visitors would surely love it. There are spaces available for buildings, parks and at the harbors. They can offer or suggest catering, but there are certain spaces that strictly chooses a caterer.

Aside from spaces for lease, they also offer hotel accommodations and spa for a short vacation getaway. Mitchell Historic Properties will surely be happy if you choose them as your lodging hotel.


In engaging in leasing, you value what a space can contribute to you financially. You may rent the space as long you meet what the lessor requires. Galveston is can be considered as one good place to live and build business. From its beautiful scenic attractions to its vintage classical architectural buildings, it is away from the city and is a good location to stay at, for a long period of time. If you have any plans that involve lease engagement, you can check Galveston Historic Property Leasing for more available residential, commercial units, and for events as well.