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What are the benefits of buying a beach house this summer?

You should think about buying a beach home this summer because of its warm weather, sandy beaches, and crashing waves. There are many other benefits to owning a beach house, condo or vacation home, especially in Fort Lauderdale, where the weather is almost perfect all year.

A beach house is a great investment. You can be confident that your investment will increase in value as property values tend to rise over time. You can even make a profit by renting out your beach house to others when you aren’t using it.

These are just a few reasons you should consider purchasing a luxurious beach home this summer.

Why you should choose a Fort Lauderdale beach house

1. The value of property tends to increase over time.

A Fort Lauderdale beach house is a great investment that will not only benefit your current but also your future. The area’s property values have increased steadily over the years so you can be sure that your investment will continue to rise in value.

2. Renting out your beach house can offset the cost of ownership.

If you search Fort Lauderdale for beach houses, you can make an additional income by buying them. You can offset the cost by renting it out when it’s not in use. You may even be able turn a profit in some cases.

3. Fort Lauderdale has almost perfect weather all year.

Fort Lauderdale is blessed with warm weather year round. You can find beautiful beaches in this area, as well as shopping and dining options. There are also plenty of activities for everyone, from sightseeing to water sports to shopping.

4. You can enjoy easy access to the beach from your beach house without paying any fees

Beaches are open at all hours of the day. You don’t need to worry about parking or getting a beach permit. The beach is just steps away when you search for Fort Lauderdale houses for sale.

5. You will find great amenities like hot tubs, pools, and tennis courts.

A Fort Lauderdale Beach House will allow you to live an extravagant life. Many beach homes include a variety of luxurious amenities such as hot tubs, pools, and tennis courts. For those who enjoy the beach lifestyle, this makes a great vacation spot or permanent residence.

6. Relax in your own space, away from the noise and crowds.

It is possible to live in peace and tranquility. The best thing about owning a beach home is the freedom to relax without the distractions of noisy neighbors and large groups.

7. They are a wonderful place to entertain friends and family.

There will be many opportunities for you to meet new people. You can entertain guests at beach houses. You can host many events at your home, including barbecues and pool parties as well as intimate dinners.

8. A beach house can be a great investment in your family’s future.

A Fort Lauderdale beach house is a great investment that will secure your family’s financial future. Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding areas have seen an increase in property values. Buying a beach home is an investment that will benefit your family’s future and present. You’re not only looking for Harbor Beach Homes for purchase, but also Fort Lauderdale Beach Houses available for sale.


A Fort Lauderdale beach house is the perfect place to relax, enjoy the beautiful beaches and warm weather. A beach house is the best way to live the coastal lifestyle. It offers a variety of luxury amenities and property values that are on the rise. Josh Dotoli Group is the best Fort Lauderdale realtor and should be considered when buying a beach home.

This post was written by Josh Dotoli! Josh is the owner of Josh Dotoli Group which is a laser-focused real estate team at Compass comprised of industry experts selling Fort Lauderdale’s best neighborhoods. This dynamic group is one of the top-selling real estate teams in South Florida with over $94 million in sales in the past 12 months alone. Looking for victoria park Fort Lauderdale homes for sale, we are the real estate team for you!

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Fort Lauderdale Florida Is The Perfect Place To Purchase a Luxury Condo

Fort Lauderdale Florida is the perfect place to purchase a luxury condo. For those who want more than just a home, this city is the perfect place. The city boasts beautiful weather, great golf courses, and white-sand beaches. When you are looking to buy a luxury condo or apartment in Fort Lauderdale Florida, there are many things that you need to consider. This blog will discuss important considerations when buying a luxury apartment or condo in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Your Condo’s Location: It is important to think about the location of other amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants and public transport when you are looking for a condo. If you don’t enjoy walking or biking, you might want to move closer to shops and restaurants. The distance between your condo and the beach is another important consideration when purchasing a Fort Lauderdale condo.

Is it possible to have my pet in my luxury condo? Many people overlook this when they look at their purchase. Before you buy a luxury condo in Fort Lauderdale Florida, it is important to consider your pets.

Parking for Luxury Condos in Fort Lauderdale Florida: Parking is an important consideration in buying a luxury condo anywhere in the United States. If you plan to buy a car, parking is an important consideration.

Maintenance fees for Fort Lauderdale Florida Condominiums. It is crucial to think about maintenance fees before you purchase a condo in Fort Lauderdale Florida or anywhere else in the United States of America. Maintenance fees can include landscaping and pool maintenance as well as any other costs.

Do you need full or partial service? When purchasing a Fort Lauderdale luxury condo, you should check if there are any additional fees. You should consider how much time you have to maintain your new home.

What are the long-term property taxes? When you’re considering purchasing a Fort Lauderdale condo, it is important to understand the long-term property tax implications. If you don’t track the property taxes, you might be surprised at how much your lease or purchase agreement is renewed.

What is the average cost to buy a luxury condo in Fort Lauderdale Florida The price of a luxury condo in Fort Lauderdale Florida will vary depending on where you live and the size of your unit. It is crucial to decide how much you are able to afford to buy a condo in Fort Lauderdale Florida or anywhere else in the United States.

What is a Condo Transfer Fee? When you buy a condo in Fort Lauderdale Florida, it’s important that you know what the transfer fee is. The cost of your transfer can be affected by many factors, including the person you are buying from and other factors.

This post was written by a real estate expert from the Dotoli group. Josh Dotoli is Paramount Residences #1 Selling Realtor with nine sales in 2021, 3x more sales than any other Realtor selling in the building. The Paramount Residences enjoys a prime beach area location. It is a Ft. Lauderdale oceanfront condo located across from the beach. Looking for a Paramount Condos For Sale Fort Lauderdale? Contact us today!

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Things to consider before buying a condo

You don’t have to go through a lot of listings or are just starting to think about buying a condo. Make sure you take into account all the points when you analyze a potential investment.

1. Each HOA comes with a recurring fee

Homeowners associations (HOA) are not something that every homeowner and renter knows. These organizations are there to manage the community’s rules and all its amenities, and also manage upkeep.

These services are not free. They are funded by HOA fees that every owner of the community must pay. These fees provide the funding budget for HOA duties.

An HOA and the services they provide cannot be canceled. These fees must be paid when you purchase a condo. You also have to abide by all rules and regulations of the condo for the duration of your ownership.

2. HOAs are not all run the same.

Each HOA is unique. Each listing may have its own rules, budget, and amenities. Make sure to read the HOA before you buy a condo.

Although a property might look great for you, the rules can place restrictions that you cannot live with. This is something you don’t want to discover after the purchase. Do your research before making an offer.

3. A HOA’s Reserve and Budget Can Tell You a Lot

Research goes beyond the HOA rules and regulations. You can assess the health of a community by looking at its budget, reserve fund, as well as how many residents are late on their dues.

Be wary of warning signs like a high delinquency, outstanding debts or low funds. These signs are often indicative of poor HOA management.

4. Condos are an affordable alternative to single-family homes

Condos are often more affordable than single-family homes, even though they have a HOA. This is especially true for densely populated areas, where land can be a scarce commodity.

Condo buyers love the fact that they get more space for their money. A three-bedroom condo mortgage is likely to cost significantly less than one for a home with three bedrooms.

5. A Condo is often cheaper than a home.

You can expect lower insurance rates in addition to your mortgage savings. Condo owners don’t have to worry about the interior of their homes because HOAs take care of the exterior maintenance of the homes in their community.

Your HOA fee includes land, exterior and shared amenities. You will only need some dwelling coverage, liability insurance, and protection for personal property damage.

This post was written by Dayana Susterman Dotoli. Dayana is the head real estate agent for the Dayana has assisted over 150 individuals with buying, selling, and leasing at Tiffany House. The Tiffany House Residences is a 12 story tower,  offers 129 residences, including 1, 2 and 3-bedroom condominiums and townhomes, with exclusive, resort-style amenities and views of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Essential Things To Look for in a Reliable Property Management Company

A rental property is an ideal way to supplement your income, or it can be your primary source of income. However, managing the property can be overwhelming, especially when you have other life responsibilities. In this case, hiring a professional property management company becomes the safest bet. You’re likely to come across many companies advertising their services, but some will not deliver the quality of services you deserve. So how can you make sure that you do business with the best company in the industry? Here are things you should look for:

Experience with Your Type of Property

Before hiring a property management team, you need to ensure that they have at least five years of experience with your type of property. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, the property manager should understand all the aspects of your industry. Experienced professionals know how to identify value-add opportunities and help increase returns on investment. This is because of their knowledge about rent and expense benchmarks for your type of property.

Valid License

Like in every industry, you want to make sure that your property manager offers legitimate services. Therefore, they should have a valid license as per your state’s requirements. A license is proof that the manager has achieved the set standards to manage commercial or residential properties effectively.


Hiring a property manager is not one of the things you rush to do. You have to consider what other clients have to say about the professional. So, your property manager should give you at least three references clients they worked with. You should contact these clients and ask how well the company did their job and how successful their properties were while under their management. It will give you a precise picture of what to expect from the company and decide if it’s the best fit for you.

Customer Service

If you find yourself leaving multiple messages and no one returning your calls, you might have to reconsider hiring that property manager. You should look for a manager who treats every client with the ultimate respect and communicates effectively. The manager should take the time to return your calls and respond to your messages. In addition, they will do everything to address your concerns in the best way and in the shortest time possible. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your manager will always be there for your tenants when they need them the most.


A reputable property management company will have a solid plan. They will bring unique ideas on drawing tenants to your property and maintaining your property in the best possible condition. It leaves less for you to worry about.

In Conclusion

When you own valuable rental property, you want the best property management company to take care of your property as you would. So, it is vital to do due diligence to choose the best company in the industry. Consider the experience the management team has, check their references, and evaluate how they will help you get value for your investment.

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