Things to Consider When Choosing Water Damage Restoration Services

A flood due to unfavorable weather, a burst pipeline in your house, cracks in the foundation, a leaking roof, or a leaking toilet; Unfortunately, there are endless possibilities for the water to cause damage in your house. These problems are highly faced in Dallas households. Thus, many companies that provide services for water damage restoration Dallas, Texas can be found easily. But, what is the conventional cost for the water damage restoration? This question can only be answered, once you consider several factors regarding the restoration process:


The three types of water that are seen in water damage restoration are:

  • Clean water

The water that has come from a pipe or directly from the rain. In comparison this is the least expensive to clean up. You can expect around $3.75 per sq foot.

  • Gray water

This type of water comes from the appliances, such as, the dishwasher or the washing machine. The cost for the clean up is quite high for this water. The standard cost is about $4.50 per sq foot.

  • Black water

This is the water that comes from some contaminated sources. For instance, sewer pipes. Due to its extreme contamination, clean up of this water is the most costly and also difficult to perform, and can cost around $7 per sq foot.


The amount and type of the damage are the important factors in determining the cost for water damage restoration. If you are dealing only with moisture, then this is not hard to tackle; Drying out an area can be less expensive and quickly done in comparison to extensive water damage. If your wallboard has been affected due to water damage, then it’ll need to be removed, which will cause the water damage restoration expense to increase.


The size of the area that is affected will play a significant role in deciding the cost for the water damage restoration.


Make sure to consider additional restoration work also, such as, if drywall needs to be peeled off and replaced, if flooring needs to be replaced, if mold is showing possibility to grow, or if there is a need for the mold remediation. All these additional issues add into the total cost of water damage restoration.


  • By immediately blocking the source of water leak, you can minimize the damage, hence cost will be low. You have to turn off the water sources and shut the power in the affected area. Take away moveable furnishings and the throw mats from the room. Mop up the water that you can. Open cupboard doors to let it dry faster. Remove wet curtains. Open all the windows in that area.
  • Contact professionals shortly. The sooner they reach there to start up restoration and drying out procedure, the less damage you will have to pay for.


Apart from steps mentioned above, It’s always a good idea to deal with small issues immediately as they show up rather than allowing them to turn into bigger issues. Services for water damage restoration Dallas will help to put your home back together post damage.