What Is the Best Way for Moving: By Yourself or Hiring Professionals

The first thing that you should have in mind is that the process of moving comes with a wide array of possibilities and choices – which real estate agent to hire, how to find a house to purchase, and how to move furniture from old to a new place.

These decisions can increase overall stress throughout the process. The next vital choice that you have to make is whether you should hire professional movers or do it yourself.

Most people feel quite overwhelmed when it comes to packing boxes, and now we understand why. These decisions are stressful per se, which is why you should check this out so that you can review database that will help you reach any professional moving agency in the USA.

The decision whether you should move or hire movers depends on your budget, complexity of move and proximity of the new home. Most people are unable to carry mattress or couch down a flight of stairs physically.

At the same time, even if you can ask friends to help you, they are not also heavy lifting and handy types. Therefore, if that is the case, then you should hire movers instead.

On the other hand, numerous people would enjoy DIY move, because it is less budget-consuming and additional workout that will test their strength and personalities.

Therefore, before you make a decision based on this brief introduction, you should check the advantage and disadvantages of each option.

Doing It Yourself

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  • The Ultimate Control Over The Moving Process – The main benefit of moving yourself out and it is the fact that you will be in complete control of the entire procedure. Apart from packing and moving, you will have to choose a truck that will help you bring your belongings from one home to another. At the same time, you will have to handle all boxes so that you can ensure that everything stays safe. Have in mind that if you decide to commit to DIY moving, it means that you have the flexibility to determine when you should begin and end the moving process. If you are doing it in bad weather, you can find a way to protect your belongings much better than other people can. You will also be in control on how to load the truck, so you do not have to worry about other people tossing boxes and placing them in rooms they do not belong. You should check this link: so that you can learn how to move heavy furniture with ease.
  • You Will Save Money – We have mentioned above that DIY move is best choice if you have a limited budget and you do not have enough funds to handle paying for moving services. Even if you are moving next door, the expenses from getting professional company can easily overwhelm you and exceed expectations you had in the first place. On the other hand, you will be able to rent a moving truck, which will save you significant amount of money. For instance, large moving truck that can handle four and even more bedrooms is much more affordable to rent than paying for labor, and other extra services. As soon as you select a truck, you should find loading supplies and equipment such as boxes and tapes and you can rest assured all the way.
  • Pack As Much As You Want – Apart from the idea that you will have perfect control when you are preparing DIY move, you do not have to worry about correctly backing your items. Movers will require you to seal your boxes before they arrive. On the other hand, if you decide to do it yourself, you do not have to box up your belongings such as plants and lambs. You do not have to worry about how to box different types of items such as blankets and pillows, and you will have absolute freedom.


  • Heavy Lifting – The main problem when it comes to DIY move is the fact that you will have to everything yourself without prior training and understanding how to do it. You will have to call your friends and family, schedule the day for moving when they can help you, and lift everything. It is not going to be as simple as possible, especially if you have to pass many staircases. If you and your friends are inexperienced movers, you can easily damage your belongings, scratch up the walls and have muscle strains afterward.

Hiring Professional Movers


  • You Do Not Have To Do Anything – When it comes to packing and heavy lifting, you can leave it to professionals that passed training that allowed doing that without any additional hassle. You do not have to worry about carrying and lifting heavy items down the stair, and straining muscles and scratching up new floors.
  • Efficiency – If you decide to hire a professional and legitimate moving company, you will be able to find reliable people that will finish everything you agreed for before the moving started. They will arrive with moving equipment and supplies, and that will save you from the hassle of buying and checking furniture pads in the last minute.
  • Less Stressful – The best thing about hiring moving company is that you can reduce the moving stress, which is common and will happen without your consent. Moving trucks are delicate and tricky to drive, and you will need a license for the trailer. If you add the idea that you will have to load and unload that particular truck, your hair will become gray. With professionals, you can pay and watch them do it.

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  • Expensive Price Tag – The main drawback of hiring a moving company is that average cost for four movers is $200 per hour, which is costly when compared with expenses that you will have by doing everything yourself. Therefore, if you have limited budget, you know what the best thing that you can do is.