Thinking Of Buying Bidet Toilets? Here’s What You Should Know

Bidet toilet seats are plumbing fixtures that are primarily installed in the toilets. However, in this day and age, you will be surprised at how many uses a bidet could bring to the plate.

The most popular about bidet toilets is its feature of a jet-powered hose. It is designed to take care of the leftover poop in your anal area.

Toilet Paper Vs Bidet Toilet

Compared to your regular toilet paper, this device ensures that the leftover fecal matter does not contaminate the rest of the bathroom by using water to wash it off. It completely removes hands-on experiences. We are so used to the toilet paper that we forget the illnesses a fecal bacterium can bring to your family. This is because we use a thin sheet of paper to wipe the leftover feces, spreading it in places where it should not be.

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Cleaning Aides

Bidet toilet seats are the cleaning aides for the future, not only does it provide a carefree and hands-free cleaning every single time you do number two, but it also is essential for seniors and pregnant women since you do not have to strain yourself trying to wipe clean places where the fecal left over might be.


Purchasing bidet toilet seats would also have a significant effect on the cleanliness of nature since the plumbing fixture only uses electricity and water, there is no longer need for toilet papers reducing your carbon footprint and saving thousands of trees from suffering the same fate.

Save Space

You can also save more space since bidet toilet seats can do multiple tasks like keeping the sides of the toilet where your poop might smear clean, taking care of the odor and freshening the toilet up so other people can use it immediately after you are done. Say goodbye to excessive use of air fresheners, and more importantly no more toilet brushes that can harbor the nastiest of bacteria.

More Affordable

Bidet toilet seats might look more expensive than toilet paper rolls ever could. But, if you take a step back and analyze how much it would cost for a years’ worth of an inefficient toll of thin paper, you would realize that it will be the same as a regular price bidet toilet seat. The only difference is that you are getting a lot more worth for your buck.

While toilet papers run out and you need to buy another roll eventually, shelling out a few extra bucks for a device that can strip you of the hassles of toilet papers and give you an exceptional service for ten years seems like a better financial move.

Toilet papers have been the kings of the toilet for almost 100 years. During that 100 years, telephones evolved into cellphones into more portable and technologically advanced mobile phones where you can take pictures, listen to music, and browse the internet, which is again, younger than the toilet paper.

This is an evolution that is already ousting the current toilet paper trend and bringing in a new age.

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