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Real Estate Agent Skills and Qualities to Acquire

Top real estate agents have both hard and soft skills. Besides the requisite real estate qualifications and expertise, they also have social skills that in most cases are responsible for closed deals. If you’re considering becoming a real estate agent, here are some skills and qualities that you’ll want to hone to create a successful business.

Local Knowledge

To be a well-heeled, go-to real estate agent, you must know your local jurisdiction like the back of your hand. Knowledge of your area of operation sets you apart from the rest of the agents operating in the same location. You need to know the different neighborhoods and communities living in your area. Clients like dealing with someone who can answer whatever question they have with as much detail as possible.

A good grasp of the local knowledge gives you the added advantage of understanding the regulations and rules in your area. You will also have a good understanding of the current value of a property. Being able to research different locations and then provide potential clients with the best properties in your area will definitely set you apart. So, take time to get familiar with your area of operation.

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Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most important real estate agent skills. You need to talk to people, and in a way that makes them feel valued and respected. Knowing how to communicate the best interests of your clients makes them feel not only valued but respected.

Clients also love to work with an agent who communicates clearly and succinctly, and in a language they understand. They need an agent who can clearly explain the intricate details of a contract and negotiate the best deal for them. Finally, you should be able to close a deal on behalf of your clients successfully. Nothing makes a client feel worse than finding they didn’t get the best deal because you didn’t represent them well.


At the core of trust is integrity, and it speaks louder than words. Integrity is not only what you do when no one is looking, but it’s also how you hold together when everyone is looking; when all eyes are on you. Having a record that can withstand the closest scrutiny makes you come off as a person that can be trusted. If you claim to be the best in what you do, you must be not only ready to back this up, but also sound convincing and honest.

 Teaching Skills

To a client, you are the expert. You understand the industry well enough to teach them what they need to know. Some of the elements of the process may seem obvious and mundane to you, but they may not be so obvious to some of your clients, especially those new to real estate. Being patient enough to teach clients what they need to know and answer their questions as exhaustively and accurately as you can put you in a class of your own.

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Punctuality is a virtue and one of the more important real estate agent skills. No one likes waiting. The first great impression you can make on a client is not to keep them waiting. Always make sure you are on time and never keep a client waiting. Your clients are busy people with huge demands on their time. When meeting with a client or showing them a property, how you manage your time is important. Excuses won’t impress, whether genuine or not. If you set up a meeting with a client, be on time.

Negotiation Skills

At some point, you will have to help a client get the best from a deal on the table. For this, you need expert negotiation skills. Learn to say no without feeling cornered. Don’t be pushed to say ‘yes’ to a deal that does not reflect the best interests of your client. You also need to help your clients get better at negotiating. It must be a team effort. To negotiate well, establish both the best and worst-case scenarios and prime your client for both.

 Post by John Kinnunen, eXp Realty leader. For more information about becoming and agent and joining eXp Realty, Contact John.