Property Management Tasks – Which Activities Can Be Transferred?

Depending on the industry and area, a property manager such as Keyrenter Houston Property Management Company can be entrusted with various challenges. His tasks can be strategic, operational, or commercial.

We have put together an overview of some essential areas of responsibility for you here. Of course, these activities can be extended and supplemented depending on individual requirements.

  • Creation and control of compliance with house rules and other specifications
  • Execution and processing of tenancies, including handovers and takeovers
  • Individual support for tenants
  • Controlling around the flow of payments (rent payments, additional costs, dunning, debt collection procedures, or, for example, rent increases after consultation with the client)
  • Property management tasks related to maintenance and security
  • Maintenance and repair obligations as well as cosmetic repairs
  • Obtaining and triggering offers, for example, for craftsmen, in coordination with the client
  • Control and monitoring of the caretaker responsible for the respective property
  • Conclusion and monitoring of maintenance and care contracts as well as insurance
  • Complete billing, including recording of all ancillary costs, logging, documentation, information
  • Damage reports to owners and insurance companies
  • Moderating, conducting, and reviewing meetings and owner meetings
  • Monitoring of all relevant payment flows
  • Creation of economic plans and planning of provisions

How Much Does Property Management Cost Per Month?

The possible monthly costs are as different as the areas and tasks of property management. Let us make you a non-binding offer to be able to answer the question: “How much does property management cost per month?” in your specific situation.

House management tasks at a glance! We have summarized for you which fields of activity a property manager takes on, what terms and definitions there are around the topic of property management, and what property management can cost per month.

What Does Real Estate Management Cost?

Suppose a community of apartment owners wants to have the jointly-used adequately managed. In that case, they should calculate per apartment per month, depending on the size of the property. If you have a rental property managed, you pay around 30 euros per residential unit.

But that depends very much on the type of property – a student residence with frequent tenant changes entails a higher administrative effort than a house in which the tenants stay for a long time. And a property that has commercial space, as well as apartments, makes completely different management demands.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Manager?

An administrator is both an organizer and an accountant. The tasks include communication with the owners, tenants, utilities, and authorities, rent collection, preparing the annual statement, new rentals, and processing insurance claims. In the case of new buildings, the administrator also enforces warranty claims against the developer.

Then there is the technical side, which includes monitoring the structural condition, hiring craftsmen, managing modernization measures, etc. In recent years, the requirements and expectations of property owners have continued to increase. Anyone who hires a professional to do the administration also protects themselves.