Household Essentials: 8 Cleaning Tools to Keep at Home

    The COVID-19 crisis has compelled every household to value the importance of cleanliness. In fact, household cleaning has become a norm in the midst of a global pandemic. This is seen by the sales increase of cleaning products, as reported by Proctor and Gamble. Even cleaning tools and supplies get quickly hoarded by every family across the globe.

    But even with or without novel coronavirus, there are some cleaning tools you must always keep at home. These household essentials must always be at your disposal whenever you feel like cleaning. If you’re wondering what those are, read on.

    1. Broom and dustpan

    Cleaning won’t start without a broom, and a broom won’t work wonders without a dustpan. This combo makes a perfect cleaning tool in removing specks of dust, dirt, trash, pet dander, and other debris at home. All it takes is to sweep the floor with care and precision and shoot the debris onto your dustpan. For tight spaces, it’s best to invest in a tiny handheld broom that’s similar to a vacuum cleaner.

    1. Vacuum cleaner

    Speaking of a vacuum cleaner, it is definitely a must-have cleaning tool. If the broom doesn’t work in some spaces and areas at home, the vacuum cleaner can be your best bet. Even if you don’t have carpet flooring, this cleaning tool is perfect for problem areas such as your couches, mattresses, blinds, curtains, and so much more. If it doesn’t seem to work properly, be sure to get professional vacuum cleaner repair services or buy a new one. As a household essential, you need one for cleaning every day.

    1. Microfiber cleaning cloths

    Sure, you may use cotton cloths and paper towels to wipe surfaces at home. But nothing works like the microfiber cloths! Microfiber cloths work better than regular cloths and towels in removing germs and cleaning surfaces. This is because they can reach and touch cracks and crevices. They are also best at gently cleaning all surfaces without causing scratches, streaks, and stains. That said, be sure to buy and keep a few of these and make sure to wash them regularly.

    1. Scrub Brush

    Sure, you may need a cloth for cleaning surfaces and getting rid of simple stains. But when it comes to stubborn stains, you may actually need a scrub brush. This cleaning tool will allow you to—as the name would suggest—scrub the surface and remove tough stains. As a recommendation, be sure to invest in a scrub brush with a grip handle. That can make a world of difference in cleaning!

    1. Bucket

    If your cleaning requires the use of water, you’ll definitely need a bucket. That’s why you must keep one exclusively for cleaning. The last thing you want to happen is to look for a bucket and find none just when you need it the most. If it isn’t utilized, be practical enough to use it as a storage area for other cleaning tools and products.

    1. Floor mop

    A floor mop is exactly what it is—a cleaning tool used for mopping the floor. It’s deemed a household cleaning essential because you know that the floor is the most used and abused at home. You need to use this one regularly to keep your floor squeaky clean. When it comes to this, it’s best to invest in a microfiber spin mop with a bucket system.

    1. Squeegee

    This cleaning tool with a flat rubber blade is ideal for controlling and removing the flow of water on a surface. Using this will make your cleaning surfaces a lot quicker and easier. When buying one, opt for one with the lower number of the durometer. Chances are, they are softer and more flexible!

    1. Spray bottle

    Of course, spray bottles are household cleaning essentials. In fact, they are ideal for your homemade cleaners. If you run out of branded cleaning products, you can simply check your kitchen and come up with your DIY cleaning solutions. A perfect example is a combination of vinegar, baking soda, and warm water mixed in a spray bottle. This cleaning solution is perfect for removing stubborn stains and marks off your furniture, appliances, and other surfaces.

    These cleaning tools are deemed household essentials. This means that you must always have them at home. Keep in mind, however, that they won’t matter if you don’t get to use them regularly. If you aren’t using these tools, it just defeats the purpose of acquiring them in the first place. So what better way to do with those cleaning tools than to make good use of them? Doing so will leave you with a spick-and-span house.