Hard Money Lenders Houston TX – All About It

Financial insecurities may arise at any point in life. However, as per experts, seeking a financial loan may be a key to satisfy financial needs. There are several types of loans offered by various agencies and individuals in Houston, Texas. One of the most popular ones is the hard money lending service. In this case, the person taking the loan needs to give the security by mortgaging a real property. These loans are taken for a shorter period of time and mainly for real estate transfers and transactions. The terms and conditions may actually vary from lender to lender. The following are some suggestions about the hard money lenders Houston TX.

Little City Investments

Little City Investments is a company based in Houston, Texas, that offers hard money loans solely based on the value of the property. The said credit score of the borrower is not finally taken into consideration. That is what makes this investment service different from others. The lending process is speedy, and the customer needs not go through a lot of paperwork. The minimum interest rate offered by the money lender is 7.5%. The person borrowing the money needs to pay a total of 749 USD. All the hard money lenders Houston TX amount needs to be paid under 12 months, and in case of  4 months of no payment, penalties will be taken.

Catalyst Funding

The hard money loans offered by Catalyst Funding can be used for purchasing old properties, and also soon after buying, the buyer can resell them. All kinds of properties in Texas are offered by the money lender company. The loan officers associated with the company have full-time licenses. Before taking the loan, the borrower can take the help of one on one consultation service. The interest rate varies between 6.99% to 13.99%. No LTC is there, and 100% financing is available. The person taking the loan can borrow up to 75% of the LTV.

Longhorn Investments

With the hard money lenders Houston TX, the investors and the borrowers can maximize and cash on the real estate market opportunities. You can close the loan deal within 3 to 5 business days without any payment stubs. Once the loan is availed, the borrower need not worry about the tax returns. ARV up to 75 percent is available after the exclusion of points and fees.

Noble Mortgage

The hard money loan offered by Noble Mortgage is available in between 50k USD to 1.5 million USD. The hard money residential loans are for those willing to buy old damaged properties and repair them and sell them quickly after buying.


If you are thinking about investing in real estate as an American citizen, Houston must be the first choice for you. The neighborhood in Houston is expanding with every passing year. Take the help of  a hard money loan offered by any of the agencies mentioned above and don’t miss the opportunity to invest in a real estate property in Houston, Texas.