Get Familiar with Fun Facts about Telluride You Plan to Move To

Telluride mountain town sits majestically at 8,750 feet above the sea level, tucked in Southwest Colorado. It is brimming with colourful history, majestic alpine beauty, diverse culture, and adventures. Telluride was first town to have AC power plant but has no stoplights. There is no franchise here. This is what makes this little mountain a paradise.

San Juan Mountains surround Telluride and its peak is compared to European Alps by tourists. It has constant influx of tourists for skiing, arts, music, snowboard, etc. The Victorian homes are old-fashioned but well-preserved. There is endless charm all around. You can see sweeping views of the mountain with big log homes from Mountain Village as well as miles and miles of blissful white powder.

There is plenty of rustic charm, which has attracted many investors to invest in recreational ranches or homes with great views. If you are interested to move then browse through Telluride featured listings on various websites, which get updated.

Some unknown facts about Telluride

  • Telluride Regional airport situated at 9,078 ft. is the highest commercial airport of North America. The approach to Telluride airport is challenging but most beautiful in the country.
  • Bridal Veil Falls is situated at east end of Telluride. At 365 ft., it is the tallest free falling waterfall. The waterfall freezes in winter forming a daunting challenge to fearless ice climbers.
  • Telluride Helitrax is a sole ski operation helicopter in Colorado. Helitrax gives snowboarders and skiers, a personalized and safe backcountry experience.
  • It has free gondola public transportation, which is one of its kind offered in North America.
  • Oldest bus operates on vegetable oil-based biofuel.
  • There are around 350 miles of mine tunnels below Telluride Mountains.
  • Telluride was first town that sold legal marijuana.
  • Alpino Vino sits at 11,996 feet and is highest positioned restaurant.

When you choose to stay in Telluride means you are swapping the busy life of suburbs or city. The town is rich in culture and showered with wise, cool folks who are kind, athletic, and creative. You will love the chilly air, white snow, rosy red cheeks and feel of being small because nature will tower over you.

In summer, Telluride hosts renowned events like Telluride Bluegrass. It is an annual country music festival, where notable performers have given their performances. It is a festival that has been celebrated for last four decades every year. There is also a band contest, where four top bands are chosen from twelve bands.

There is amazement and discovery at every corner in Telluride!