Be the Envy of Your Neighbors by Making Your Home Stand Out

    Homes tend to blend in certain neighborhoods. They almost look like carbon copies of each other because they have the same color, main door, size, front lawn, etc. Why should you let your home be the same as your neighbors’? Don’t you want your home to stand out from the rest? There are simple ways to make neighbors and passersby notice your home. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. A few well-placed techniques and strategies will make your home the envy of everyone in your street.

    The one mistake that most homeowners make when designing the exterior of their homes is trying to turn them into something they aren’t designed to be. Know what you want. Understand that you can’t combine different design elements. Accept that what you can afford is different from what you want.


    The first thing that people are going to notice about your home is the front yard. The mailman will stop in front of your house and notice the flowers blooming on the side. A pizza delivery guy will notice if your yard is well-kept. Make this the first investment you will make if you want your house to be a standout.

    landscape architect will know just what to do with your front yard. Does it need a fountain? How about some shrubberies? What about a pathway? Solar lamps will look good in your yard, too, as well as fairy lights wrapped around a tree trunk in the corner.


    Next is the porch. A rocking chair and a bench will look good on it. Make sure to use weatherproof furniture because of the rain, snow, heat, etc. If you want a bit of privacy, you can hang light curtains around the porch. That will create a kind of reading nook, though this might now work during the colder months of the year.

    Entry Door

    The main door might just be the focal point of your home’s curb appeal. A door should not only be functional, but it should be the highlight of your home’s exterior. Instead of the usual white door, why not paint it with another color. Choose a color that will make your door the center of attention. Make sure that it matches your home’s appeal and architecture, but not so much that it just blends with the rest of the design elements of the house.

    Garage Door

    Like the main door, a great-looking garage door will make your house a standout amongst a sea of the same color, style, and architecture. There are different types of garage doors that you can choose from, but making the right pick is also about the security of your home. Find a style that complements your home, though make sure that it also offers safety and security. If there’s an automated garage door that fits your home’s architecture, that’ll be a perfect choice.


    Don’t forget the mailbox! Many homeowners don’t think much about that tiny box at the end of the property, but it can actually brighten up the whole look of your house. Instead of the usual design of the mailbox, why don’t you look for something fun and quirky? It should reflect your personality, as well as the overall look of the home. How about a birdcage that’s also a mailbox? Instead of the metal mailbox, another great option is one made of wood.


    Most of the time, a house looks outdated because the windows are the same ones you saw two decades ago. Installing new windows can transform the way a house looks and feels. And this is not just for people who will see your house from the outside. You will also feel differently about your home once you enter and see these new windows. Choose the style, color, and materials that will complement your home.

    Outdoor Living Space

    Instead of having a simple garden, why don’t you transform your yard with an outdoor living space? A wooden deck at the back will work wonders to make your home more appealing. If you plan to sell it in the future, this is actually a great feature to have as families like having outdoor space where they can entertain their guests. A swimming pool, of course, is another extra feature to have, but that’s mostly for those who can afford its maintenance.

    Everyone wants their homes to be a cut above the rest. All homeowners strive to make their homes as beautiful as possible. When it comes to impressing your neighbors, guests, and passersby, it all begins with how your home looks outside. If it has a unique architecture and elegant styling, then there’s no reason why your house will look just like any other house in your block.